Thursday, April 16, 2009

10,11 th & 12th April 2009 - Vacation + Tournament in Miri

It's Been A Busy Weekend last week because I Had A Tournament in Miri.. That is the 2nd Goshin-ryu Negeri Sarawak Cadet & Junior Tournament 2009 Held at Lutong Petroliam Recreational Club. Although I lost but at least I gain an experience, really a priceless experience because this is my first tournament outside Brunei. So now I have taste the environment of the feeling of the atmosphere competing with other countries.

Training & talking with the PROJECT GOLD MEMBERS of Brunei is also one of the most valuable moment ever. Durang inda karit membagi tunjuk ajar & inda karit menceritakan how does it feel being there as a Young Bruneian National Team. There are Muhd Fidae, Muhd Ruddin Al-Haj & Md Jamil.

I Saw as well many potential young kids, there is 1 from Johor state... He's only around 11-12 yrs old. But his kata was definitely GOOD. Strong stance, proper block , good speed & plays a Beautiful Kata.

The Countries/Club competed were Goshin-Ryu (Miri Sarawak) , Asahi Karate (Sarawak), Shito-Ryu (Sarawak) , Sabah, Johor & Brunei Darussalam (Wado-kai & Shito-Kai)

Brunei Won 1 Gold Medal from Muhd Ruddin Al-Haj Thru the event Senior Male Kata against Mahfudz Hafeez Hashim from Sabah.

Silver Medal won by Muhd Afiq Roslan, Ak.Muhd Quddus & Sayed Muhd Ameer Asyraf Thru The Event team Kata. They were Burn by The SABAH Teams. But No worries, You Guys are still young keep practicing Alright. And another silver medals from the 2 shito-kai young girls. (I forgot their names) ahahaha.. Keep up the good work.

Bronze medal Won By Muhd Fidae (Senior Male Kata) , Rabiatul Adawiyah binti Osman Zaini (Female Kata)a young girl from shito (Kata) Muhaimin & Mutallib Osman , Ak. Muhd Quddus, Muhd Afiq Bin Roslan, Muhd Jamil (All Thru Kumite Event)

Did I Miss anything guys? Ahahaha..

Okie TALKING bout vacation yeah, it's a vacation for me. Pasalnya it's time to relax....

We depart from Shihan Malai's house around 2.30 pm on friday, beli minyak, pam tayar & mcm2.. we arrived at Imperial Mall around 3.20 pm. We checked in & had a short briefing at 4.30 pm at Ball room hall at Imperial Hotel. Then we had our tea-break around 5 pm. Lapas atu apa lagi~~~ MENCABUR LAH DALAM SWIMMING POOL!!! HAHAHA... and 2 hrs dlm swimming pool, kami pun bersauna.. teruk eyh, ada wh urg bkuruh dalam sauna ah~ Then, Back to our room, lepak2 jap... den ada masa terluang, I Practice my kata with Ruddin & few hours lapas atu I got a midnight call from Ameer, kan bawa lepak makan2 rah gerai 24 hrs... WUHUUU.. Sedap ooo burgernya~~ HAHAHA Xp nanti2 lagi ke sana insya-Allah...

Hari kedua Di Miri, Nuthing much happen, Balik dari Lutong, Ramai yg tidur awal... So Do I.. But I did manage to practice skajap during midnight.. Atu pun lalah udah... okie adios~ ahaha ngalehku kn mereport ani Xp